For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. There I travel, looking, looking breathlessly.
— Carlos Castenada




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Here is a gathering place for people who want to travel only on paths that have heart.

This café promotes critical thinking, unfettered inquiry, creativity, innovation, and humor. 

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Quest of Human 1

With make-believe everywhere, it doesn't matter who you really are.

An insecure, reclusive Earth scientist is almost killed by a Martian assassin with a focal razor. For his survival, and to uncover the problem with the "deviant diggers" on Mars, he must become a brash and promiscuous Martian mining tycoon.

At the beginning of the 22nd century, in a world of chatty machines, pervasive surveillance, immersive Virtual/Augmented Reality, and standardized brain conditioning, many things are not as they appear.


Centroid Network

An online media syndicate for tracking pivotal issues beyond their typically short headline cycles, monitoring global media issues and current developments, and linking affiliates in a common bond of concern and support. This network affirms the values of the Centroid Café: critical thinking, unfettered inquiry, creativity, innovation, and humor.



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Critical Thinking



Portland Metrozine

This online journal showcases creative writers, artists, activists, and deep thinkers around the world. Buoyed by the thriving literary community of Portland, Oregon, the Metrozine reaches out to a global community to inspire, encourage, and broadcast creative expression. Our focus: positive and constructive action, cooperation and conservation, respect for diversity, and hope for a future of flourishing for all.











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