Chrome Contact


And a couple of their gizmos look scarier than Gort.


"You really don’t think so? You really don’t think so what?" Monty sounded tired and annoyed.

"Oh, I mean, well…you just said that you called at a bad time. And what I meant was I really don’t think it’s a bad time for me. I mean…this is a very good time to talk about the Chrome. You know, there’s some kind of D Day coming."

"Well, D Day might be just around the corner," Monty said ominously. "The Army girls and boys have brought in some new gear and a couple of their gizmos look scarier than Gort. Some kind of laser cannons, I’d wager."

"They wouldn’t shoot at the Chrome, not really, would they?"

"If Dr. Crink and his band of merry men and woman doesn’t come up with more information soon, the general says she has no choice but to neutralize the thing. Neutralize…that was her word for it."

Fear and anger welled up in Alec and he immediately knew, with no hesitation, that his path was clear and unavoidable. Maybe it was his stick-to-it-ness, a trait that he remembered his Grandfather Booner extolling in family stories around holiday fireplaces. And partly, it was his keen and critical intelligence that prodded him to anger over Dr. Crink’s myopic theories. But, mostly, he felt a deep-down rightness about the Chrome’s connection to him. He was not the kind of person who would give up at a time like this.

"But that’s not all of it Alec," Monty continued in a hurried pace. "The Chrome appears to be getting weaker and weaker. You know how it slows down when you’re not around, right? Well, it hardly moves now at all and it flashes only a few colors every few minutes. I think it’s running out of spunk."

"Does it still use that small green cylinder? Does it still put it up to its mouth?"

"Yes, it’s been doing that more just the last two days. Looks to my like it’s running out of its Gatorade. Or maybe it’s just sleeping a lot with you being away and all. So, Alec, here it is. They need you back here to see it wake up again. Can you do it? Can you come in today?"

"Yes, Monty, I am definitely up for it. But is it OK if I go to my classes first? I’m way behind and I've got final exams today and tomorrow."

"Absolutely, Alec. I’ll tell the general to expect you this afternoon—usual time."


"But…Alec…get ready for the big Gort guns!" Then Monty switched off in a sharp crackle of static.





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