Integrative Critical Thinking Toolkit


Integrative learning is the process of making connections among concepts and experiences so that information and skills can be applied to novel and complex issues or challenges. (1)

Integrative critical thinking (ICT) employs the concepts, theories, and methods of logic for addressing topics, issues, problem areas, or human challenges that currently confront us or are likely to emerge in the future. ICT will help you analyze new questions and complex problems, and it will support you in developing habits of self-reflection and self-assessment.

The ICT Toolkit is a collection of resources that will support you in developing the intellectual flexibility and adaptability necessary for prudent decision-making and action in the 21st century.

The resources in the ICT Toolkit will help you connect critical thinking concepts, theories, and methods with your own experience and the challenges facing us in our world today. With these resources, and through continuing reflection on your personal experience, you can develop the habits of strong critical thinking. Following our ICT learning path, you will be able to demonstrate your CT progress in a brief essay about an issue or problem of your choosing and from your point of view.

Your success in learning how to become a better critical thinker depends on your diligence in staying on our learning path:


(1) "What is Integrative Learning?" Ithaca College (2019):

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