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At the beginning of the 22nd century, about a hundred years after the onset of the great Tilt, Earth is coping with critical environmental degradation, mass migrations, and the emergence of multi-racial and gender-equal social systems. Scientific and technological innovations like the gluon field effect enable humans to reduce radiation exposure on Earth, and to live at Alpha Base on Luna, and in Olympus City on Mars at the base of Olympus Mons.

Earth Core and Mars Core monitor and guide all communications via their quantum engines and ubiquitous surveillance nodes. Early-age brain training and ID pins are universal. Many people distract themselves with hyper immersive VAR gaming and numb themselves with sufen-dopey.

In this world of chatty machines, pervasive surveillance, constant identity tracking, and standardized brain conditioning, the inhabitants of Earth become passive and pliant while the humans on Mars become increasingly restive and violent. Many Mars settlers adopt genetic engineering and cloning. Now, most humans born on Mars, the phids, have phenotypes distinct from "Earthies." Racial tensions between phids and Earth humans are growing. Phid assassins with focal razors are roaming on Earth, killing Core experts. They try to kill Mik Sturm, a shy, insecure student at ApexU.

Zeus Alone is a science fiction novel by Joseph Corrado.
Contact: HUB@centroidcafe.com.

The Grid Falls
by Joseph Corrado

Read Chapter 1 of Zeus Alone.

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